Squatting after Hip Replacement Squatting after Hip Replacement


Hip replacement surgery is generally done for young people. These people are affected by various conditions like AVN, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Pelvic Fractures and they land up for hip replacement.

No young patient wants to live a handicapped life after hip replacement, as with a conventional hip replacement there are a lot of restrictions. They are not supposed to ride a bike, they are not supposed to lift the weights, not supposed to sit on the ground, not supposed to sit cross-legged and they are not supposed to use Indian toilets. Young people in general and especially the Asian population cannot do without these activities.

MIS Technique

In India, some religious rituals and ceremonies are also there where we have to sit on the ground or we have to sit cross-legged so we cannot bypass all these activities. So the Minimal invasive surgery which is known as MIS technique which we have devised 2 years back, allows these patients to do all these activities without any risk. It happens because MIS technique preserves all the supporting structures of the hip joint and after the surgery, the hip joint is good as a normal hip. It removes the chance of the dislocation or damage of the implant.

We always advise our patients to undergo hip replacement by MIS technique. Unfortunately, many of the patients visit us after their first surgery is messed up and they come for revision or when both their hips are involved and they get one surgery by conventional technique and then visit us for MIS technique. We are unable to proceed because MIS technique is not possible at that stage. So the message is if you have hip Arthritis and if you are advised to undergo replacement then kindly look for MIS technique so that you don’t have to put brakes on your life.

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