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This is a group which aims at providing superspeciality services to orthopaedic patients under one roof. With experienced & talented orthopedic surgeons supported by trained technicians & physiotherapists & having peripheral centres spread over New Delhi, NCR & Haryana we intend to give our patients world class treatment in India at affordable cost.

Dr. Ashwani Maichand is the Sr. Consultant & Director at Minomax Orthopaedics
The best way to prevent a disease is to educate yourself and to learn from other’s experience. We provide you valuable and relevant information about different orthopedic conditions through informative videos. We also share with you first hand experience of patients from all over world who have been operated by us.

We try to minimize all the strain that you may feel while undergoing a surgery. Our skilled surgeons will be able to perform any kind of operation in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner!

Keeping you pain free
At MinoMax we aim to diagnose all sort of orthopedic problems ranging from arthritis to sports injuries. We focus on making the patient aware and educated about their problems and then finding a solution in concurrence with the physiotherapist and patient’s family. We provide all options of treatment from conventional to the latest advances and plan it in a way that suits the patient physically and financially.

Restoring your health and body
We have a team of experienced physiotherapists who are well trained in their respective fields. They are capable of handling patients before and after major surgeries, geriatric as well as pediatric patients, major to minor injuries and all complex congenital and acquired orthopedic issues. Our centre is well equipped with all latest and required modalities and equipment.

Imaging your diagnosis
X-rays are an integral part of orthopedic diagnostic process. Our technicians are well versed with all types of simple and complex imaging techniques We are equipped with Allengers 150mA High Frequency X-ray machine (Mars 6 FC) instead of conventional 2 pulse technology based x-ray machines.