Diagnostics Diagnostics


  • Digital X-ray :

All routine x-rays of spine, limbs, pelvis, chest etc.

We are equipped with Allengers 150mA High Frequency X-ray machine (Mars 6 FC) instead of conventional 2 pulse technology based x-ray machines with the special features as follows :

  • Elimination of motion artifacts due to lower exposure time (excellent film quality)
  • X-ray machine is Compact, lightweight and easy to move.
  • Negligible skin dose due to lower exposure factors (radiation safety to patients and operators).

Our X-ray films are scanned through CR10X Scanner (Agfa)

  • Computed Radiography (CR) digitizer can handle general radiography, orthopaedic, chiropractic and Full Leg/Full Spine applications.
  • Fast workflow technical Bar code In order to guarantee highest image quality
  • A software, which automatically handles all calibration and Environmental conditions.

X-ray films are printed through Drystar 5302 Printer (Agfa)

  • No more wet processing, no darkroom, no complicated adjustments or cleaning procedures
  • Convenient imaging with two media sizes on-line
  • To provide perfect image quality, Direct Digital Imaging (DDI) technology has been enhanced to include A#Sharp technology. This technology intensifies imaging capability, enabling DDI to provide sharper image quality across all applications.