AVN Hip Replacement AVN Hip Replacement

What is AVN Hip Replacement?

Most of the times, Avascular Necrosis (AVN) happens in the hip joint. Our hip is a ball and socket joint. In this disease, the blood supply to the ball is cut off because of certain reasons which are still unknown in 90% of the cases but in 10% of the cases, the number one cause is steroid intake, the other causes are smoking and drinking alcohol and the solution is hip replacement.

Many of the young patients are miss-guided by some non-operating people that they can be cured by stem cell or by drilling, decompression techniques or some medicines but it’s not true and the patients lose their time and money with these procedures.

What do we suggest?

Our advice is that if there is AVN and it has reached stage 3 or stage 4 where it becomes extremely painful, the patient should go for a hip replacement straight away. Most of the times both the hips are involved so the advice is to go for hip replacement of the side which is more painful and wait for the other side till it become painful. It gives you space for recovering both physically as well as you can arrange your finances if necessary. A lot of times it is seen that if you replace one side then the other side is offloaded and you don’t need surgery for many years. These patients who are mostly young males, are very demanding that they want equal leg length and want all movements possible required for a young man.

We always use MIS technique, non-cemented implants and ceramic head so that the patients are not restricted in their life in any way and they don’t have to come for revision surgery for many years. So the message is that if there is AVN, don’t look for shortcuts and think about hip replacement and about the MIS technique.

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