Robotic MIS Knee Replacement Robotic MIS Knee Replacement

We are delighted to be India’s first to introduce fully active robot for minimally invasive knee replacement surgery

"We are connecting MIS technique with robotics technology. It is user-friendly and flexible and offers precision and safety. For patients, this advanced technology provides exceptional outcomes, minimal infection risk, quicker recovery time and less pain. Patients are able to walk within hours after surgery. It is a life-long solution for patients with joint problems" - Dr. Ashwani Maichand

How is a Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery performed?

The Planning:

  • First, the patients must make an informed decision with proper counselling with the surgeon about the procedure. Then the patient proceeds to get high-end CT scans performed of the localised area for the surgery. These CT scans are used to build a 3-Dimensional model of the patient’s knee. Finally, the surgery plan is devised.

The Procedure:

  • The patient is connected to the robot and stabilised for surgery.
  • This virtual 3D prototype acts as a guide throughout the procedure.
  • First, the location is reverified with the 3D prototype.
  • Then the surgeon uses the AI inputs from the robot to select the right kind of artificial joint customised to suit each patient.
  • The robot reviews the procedure and assists the surgeon to make accurate bone cuts with the robotic arm.
  • Finally, the knee implant components are precisely placed and aligned.

How will Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery benefit patients?

  • No sutures, reduced pain and scar-free natural looking postoperative body.
  • Real-time monitoring to accommodate for any intraoperative change of plans due to unforeseen complications.
  • Sub-millimetre accuracy ensures overall longevity and durability of implantation.
  • Prevents bone, ligament and blood loss to a great extent.
  • High-end CT scan image simulation for a 3D Surgical prototype helps make precise cuts during the operation.
  • Excellent surgical track record of our award-winning orthopaedic surgery team.
  • Minimal scope for human intervened infections and complications.
  • Optimum implant positioning with the finest cutting accuracy.

Why choose Robotic Surgery?


  • 3-D bone model generation with fast and wasy CT Image data.
  • Reduced surgery preperation time with convenient user interface.


  • Provision for plan changing & gap balancing
  • Various cutting options


  • Emergency stop & force freeze with an option of manual guide of robot arm
  • Real time system monitoring


  • Precise pre-surgical planning executed everything
  • Sub-millimeter dimensional accuracy

Active Robot

  • Robotic arm with milling tool does all the cuts
  • No accessories like cutting jig & saw required