MIS Hip Replacement Technique MIS Hip Replacement Technique

MIS Hip Replacement Technique

Hip is a big joint and that is closest to our center of gravity. Hence a pain free movement of hip is mandatory for a normal active life.

Why do we need MIS in hip? The reason being that hip is covered by thick muscle layer, if we operate by conventional Technique, we have to cut all the muscles; that leads to bleeding during surgery, delayed recovery and post-operative pain.

So when we do it by MIS technique which means that we are not damaging any muscles, we are just going between the muscles. We are avoiding all those disadvantages of open surgery. So MIS hip replacement is very popular these days and specially the technique that we developed at Minomax, has given a fresh lease of life to young people especially of Asian origin because in our Indian and Asian culture sitting on ground, sitting cross-legged and using Indian toilet is mandatory, especially in rural background patients.

How MIS technique Hip Replacement is different?

With MIS Technique we have been able to allow our patients to do all these activities of sitting on the ground. So this is a boon for all those patients who were restricted for life, from sitting on ground after hip replacement. So MIS technique hip replacement is the treatment of choice for any painful condition of the hip joint.

What is MIS technique?

The full form of MIS technique is Minimal invasive surgery. This surgery causes minimal damage to the surrounding tissues while performing the hip replacement.

What is the importance of a surrounding tissue?

A person with a normal hip is allowed to do all activities like sitting on the ground, sitting cross-legged and using Indian toilets but that is not the case with the artificial hip. The reason is that during the replacement of the hip the surrounding structures like muscles, capsule and ligaments are damaged and hence the supporting structures of hip become weak and if the patient attempts all these activities there are high chances that hip will come out of the socket, which is known as dislocation.

With MIS technique, we preserve all the structures, muscles, capsules and ligaments. Also the supporting structures remain intact or almost intact even after the surgery and the replaced hip (artificial hip) behaves just like a normal hip and hence we are able to advise our patients to do everything that they want. The only thing that we don’t allow is regular running, jumping from heights and lifting weights of more than 20 kg. This is because we want the implants to last long. Patients can run or they can lift heavyweight but if they do this their ball bearing surface of the hip will wear and tear very fast and they have to go for a revision surgery at a very early age. So we advise our patients to be mindful of this, otherwise with MIS technique you are as good as any normal young person.