Arthritis Arthritis


At Minomax we are treating arthritis, whether it’s hip arthritis or knee arthritis. We’re treating Spinal Disorders. It can be a slip disc, it can be degenerative disorder, can be muscle weakness or can be bone weakness.

We are treating sports injuries and they’re ranged from ligament tears, meniscal tears, patellofemoral instability, rotator cuff injuries, recurrent dislocation of shoulder.

So all sorts of sports injuries people are coming to us. We classify our patients into Surgical and non-surgical.

Surgical patients are immediately advised surgery and we elaborate about the post-operative protocol and their Rehabilitation but 95% of patients are treated without surgery. They are treated with initial anti-inflammatory rest and stenting, later on gradually we shift them to physiotherapy to build up their muscles and bones and we expect them to come back to normal in three to six weeks.

In spine, again only 5% of patients are advised surgery. Only in cases of severe slipped disc, people who are having numbness or weakness in then their limbs or they have some bowel or bladder issues. That means they lose control over urine only those acute cases or maybe sometimes spine fracture patients are advised surgery. Generally we treat them by conservative methods.