Physiotherapy Consultation Physiotherapy Consultation

Physiotherapy Consultation

I will be talking about two particular topics in physiotherapy apart from General physiotherapy that is available everywhere. We are very particular about posture correction.

Many people even young people who are like desk workers who are working on desktop or laptop the whole day, they lose control over the posture. They have drooping shoulders and they’re bending forward, so they complain to us like they have neck pain, they have lower back pain. They are not feeling fit next day when they go to job. They don’t feel like going.

So these patients are basically victims of bad postures and if detected early and treated properly these patients can be absolutely normal without undergoing extensive investigations like in MRIs and all those things. So just a bit of change in their working environment what we call ergonomics.

So we generally ask them to bring pictures of their workstation where they work and how they sit it and then we make small modifications in their workstation. Plus we strengthen particular muscles of the back shoulder and lower half of the body which generally tend to be weak in workers. So by working on these two three aspects, we can

Actually treat these patients. Otherwise, they keep on getting treatment for cervical spondylosis, which actually doesn’t exist and they take multivitamins and they spend lots of money on unnecessary investigations and consultations.

Arthritis is another part of physiotherapy challenge because most of these patients come with the knee pains their elderly patients. They avoid surgeries because of various reasons like financial and they are scared of surgery.

We also want to avoid surgery in these patients because these elderly patients are not very fit candidates for major surgeries.

So we classify them into mild, moderate cases and severe cases

In severe cases generally surgery is advised at the outset without wasting their time, but in mild and moderate cases we can actually help these patients avoid surgeries for a very long time by strengthening their muscles, by keeping their calcium and vitamin D levels in normal range, by giving them moral support, by encouraging them to go for a walk to get sunlight exposure and take a proper diet.

So basically a physiotherapist at Minomax is advised not to just do physical therapy, but also to be part of the family, to help them come out of the condition and also to help them to accept the changes of aging so it’s a bit of psychotherapy, physiotherapy and just like being support system of the patient, instead of pushing them for physiotherapy, investigations and surgeries. So that is our motto at Minomax, that’s let’s be part of the extended family of the patient.