Hip Replacement Surgery in Delhi Hip Replacement Surgery in Delhi

What is Hip Replacement?

The hip joint is one of the major joints of the body. Its actual importance lies in the fact that it is located at the center of the body. All our movements are dependent on the pain-free movements of the hip joint but unfortunately, many diseases affect the mobility of the hip joint like AVN which is short for Avascular Necrosis, Primary Osteoarthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Post-Fracture Arthritis. Another unfortunate part of the problem is that most of these conditions happen at a young age and especially in males.

Once the pain starts or there is stiffness in the hip joint our daily activities are hampered like walking, climbing stairs, sitting on a chair or sitting on the ground. Our young generation cannot afford to be handicapped. To relieve our patients of this hip pain, hip replacement comes as a boon.

Shortcomings of the traditional Hip Replacement

Till a few years back, Hip replacement came with an issue of inferior quality of implants. Only cemented hip replacements were done wherein the life of replacement was 10-15 years.

Non-cemented Hip Replacement Surgery

With time we have moved to non-cemented implants, which mean that we don’t need a glue-like material that is called bone cement for the fixation of the implant. If you do a cemented implant it becomes loose after 10 to 15 years and we have to revise the surgery. But with a non-cemented implant, the implant gets stronger as a patient walks. Over the years, the implant gets stronger and stronger.

Ceramic heads

The further advancement is that now we are using ceramic heads wherein the ceramic ball bearing surface’s life is much more than the conventional implants. With a hip replacement, young people are getting a new lease of life. They are able to do their activities and enjoy their life. The components of a hip replacement are a socket which fits into the pelvis, a stem that fits into the thigh bone known as femur and connecting both of them is a head. The head is very important as it is now ceramic instead of metal. The skill of the surgeon is to give a perfect fitting socket as well as femoral stem so that patients can start working from day one. They don’t have to go for bed rest for 2-3 months as earlier was the case. So now with MIS technique, we are able to allow these patients to sit on the ground, sit cross-legged and use Indian toilets.

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