Orthopaedic Consultation Orthopaedic Consultation

Orthopaedic Consultation

Orthopaedic consultations are mainly for conditions like backache, neck pain, knee pain and generalized body aches.

When a patient comes to our OPD with an orthopaedic condition, which is not very clear like a fracture or a surgical patient. Then we have to be very thorough with the patient history, Lifestyle, demands, body weight, age or any other conditions that are affecting the patient’s health.

So at Minomax, we spend time with the patient, with the family, investigate them thoroughly and try to treat the patient as a whole. We don’t have a tubular Vision just for the patient’s condition, because many a times patient complain of knee pain, but it’s not exactly arthritis.

Sometimes patient’s lifestyle is such, that they have to climb several stairs, they have to lift heavy weight and then maybe we have to modify their lifestyle or have to advise them some muscle strengthening exercises, but a bigger cause that we find in our consultation is that these patients have weak Bones, the calcium and vitamin D levels are low because patients generally are not very aware about these things.

Sunlight exposure is minimum and we are not very particular about checking our vitamin D levels. So at Minomax we are very keen on finding the cause and treating it, instead of getting the patient investigated unnecessarily or wasting their time and money. Backache patients are similarly very common. They may not be exactly of the patience of the slip disc. They may not need surgery at all.

In fact only five percent of our patients coming to Minomax, are advised surgeries, because most of the conditions that patient should present to us are just because of our negligence towards our health, many times even in young patients is the last priority. So a bit of modification in your working culture, in your eating habits and in your lifestyle can cure most of the orthopaedic issues. But, don’t generalize your problem, don’t over treat yourself. People generally treat themselves take medicine just by going to Google or reading WhatsApp messages.

We must get a consultation whenever there is an orthopaedic issue. Get a proper diagnosis so that the treatment can be very defined and you achieve Fitness and live a happy life.